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IPE/ICP Accreditation Standards

Accreditation Standards Relating to IPE/ICP for Health Sciences Academic Programs at UIC

The majority of accrediting bodies representing health professions recognize the importance of training students to be competent in interprofessional collaborative practice (ICP). As of September 2018, all but two health academic programs at UIC are required to meet  accreditation standards that relate to teamwork and ICP or call for students to participate in interprofessional education (IPE); in September 2015, only half  of the specialized accrediting bodies for  health sciences academic programs at UIC were required to meet specific standards.

Accreditation standards for health sciences colleges underscore the significance of IPE/ICP into their respective curricula. Excerpts of specific IPE/ICP standards for each of the seven health sciences colleges at UIC are summarized below and highlights terms beyond IPE to include references to interprofessional communications and collaboration. The criteria identified below are directly retrieved from the accreditation standards as of November 2023.

In February 2019, the  Health Professions Accreditors Collaborative (HPAC) released a report to provide additional guidance to institutions on implementing quality IPE. Specifically, HPAC adopted shared terminology, definitions, and competencies for IPE and ICP across the 25-member accreditors of HPAC. To view the report, please click on the Guidance on Developing Quality Interprofessional Education for the Heath Professions.

For questions or to send updates, please contact Ami Shah at or (312) 413-6025.

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IPE/ICP Related Requirements from September 2015 to September 2018

[1] Interprofessional Education Collaborative (2016). Core competencies for interprofessional collaborative practice: 2016 update. Washington, DC: Interprofessional Education Collaborative.

[2] Pharmacy standards, specify that “in the aggregate, team exposure includes prescribers as well as other health care professionals.”